Monday, December 2, 2013

MyTribute to an Australian who loved beach living Zac Young Shark took his life this week.

Dec 1st 2013 ABC news Australia: Shark took Zac Young's life
In Memory of Zac Young  Today I read about this WORLD CHANGER

Last night my husband told me when I got home about our old friends and their son Zac's death. Today I wanted to find out more about Zac, so I searched on face book and found out by looking back over his last few weeks of posts, I found out very quickly, (you have to be signed in to your own Facebook account I think for this link to work)

After a few minutes reading November Posts i found out he was a world changer. I utterly AMAZED by who I met and how close I felt to him in his horific
death. In his death he was able to bring life and inspiration.This was in fact his prayer and hearts desire to make his life count.  This had been so quickly accomplished. Within a week he had over 2600 likes on his memorial  page. Zacs personal page prompted me to ask this question " If I died today would I be proud of my last Facebook posts? "

 I know Lyn and Kevin, Zac's parents would be proud, as I was for them and their youngest son.
 I celebrate his life today.
A tiger Shark or ANY Shark for that matter, cannot take away life when we choose to live each day like it could be out last.  i-love-you-guys-shark-attack-victims-last-words

Celebrate his life listen to his message find out who inspired  ZAC Youngs.Zac Young's friends form a circle off Port Macquarie's Town Beach to remember him.

Australian Daily Telegraph fatal Shark attach and a family's loss

My Tribute to :
Zac I met you less than 24hrs ago. Your life inspires me and I thank you that I was able to search and found your Facebook
Long before you were born Zac your parents, Paul and I met your dad and Mom, Kevin Young and Lyn young. Together we quietly noted their exceptional spirits, their immense passion and their intense commitment in their pursuits, what ever they put their hands to seemed to prosper.
 I am certain they have  had their share of failure and heart break but this unfathomable tragedy and loss for them will only deepened their strength and fortitude imparted to Zac and now all his heartbroken siblings. Their friends and community must carry in  great sadness and with that same unstoppable spirit, seen in the surfer's circle above, they will all keep HIS Story (click for VIdeao meditation Jars of Clay) (click for soul comfort from' Jars of Clay' ) and Zac's "Shark" story being told and shared again and again causing our hearts to expand with love, humanity and making our community richer and each of us some what better because of Zac's Life.

 I promise to make your life and its dream live on and on ........................cheers and condolences.

Zac ,one of your last face book posts with a list of biblical misfits who ended up in it's Hall of Fame here is a song I know you would have loved in the same vein about ." SCANDEL of GRACE " Rest in Peace.

1 Zac Young....................................       we will see you again. Diana Sames